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Attract Abundance and Wealth by applying some Feng Shui Tips

Many people are feeling struggled in different aspects of life. Sometimes the answer and the help needed reside in changing few steps from within you and also within your place.

Feng shui philosophy can help resolving the current issues by activating your areas. use the Bagua to identify the 5 elements of your Home or Office and then apply these few tips to activate your Abundance and Wealth area, the result will be significant mainly if it is accompanied by inside transformations. read more here about the Bagua and how to use it  

Feng Shui helps creating an Abundant and Wealthy Environment by placing objects in certain spaces and ways.  you can use feng shui to attract  abundance to your place and mind which result manifesting success and wealth.

Here are some simple tips to use feng shui to attract money and wealth to your home.                                                                                                      

  • Water Features  use  water to attract more Abundance such as fountains and aquariums or even photos of Water Falls. 

Below image is for my indoor fountain at my home

Home 2

  • Display feng shui symbols in your home that speak to you about wealth and abundance such as coins, $ bills, Gold Symbols…
  • Color you life  In Feng Shui, color is primarily used to represent and balance the Five Elements. We can place colors representing the wealth and Abundance in the area of Wealth.
  • Images can enhance the chi, add photos that represent wealth and money to your Abundance Area to help you manifest,  visualize and attract Wealth.
  • Plants  place healthy and growing  plants or flowers into your area of Wealth & Abundance, The Lucky Bamboo is always a good choice for Fengshui Practitioner, Place 8 Sticks of Bamboo to Activate your Wealth area.
  •  Crystals  some Crystals can help activate your Abundance area such as Citrine, Argons, Pyramids, clear quartz, Jade 
  • Water Features  use  water to attract more Abundance such as fountains and aquariums or even photos of Water Falls. 

This what I’m using in my Wealth and Abundance Area at my home 




However, remember that you cannot attract success and prosperity by improving your environment only,  the above steps  can help you to work toward your goals. 

Angel Guidance

are you planning some changes in your life ? New Job ? Travel ?  moving from your house ? feeling hesitated about marriage or a relationship … ?

the answer is around you

all what you have to do is ask your Angel for guidance and you will be answered.

Just ask and believe that Angels are around you and they are there to help and assist you.

Ask with full confidence that you get the support required.

Your Angels are there for you and you can tell them anything in your mind, you can  also Ask them about anything troubling you.

Ask your angels for help, guidance and assistance  with any issue, just breath, believe and Ask.

Below is my today message from my Angels when I asked for their support and it is absolutely amazing and I felt very motivated after receiving it.

I wish  you all the Prosperity, Joy and Happiness in the World 🙂

Daily Guidance (2)


Tips to get get rid of Negative Energy from your space

Our Home and  office are two places where we spend a lot of our times in life. therefor feeling comfortable during the time spent in each place is a major challenge. Below I will mention few ways to help you  keeping positive atmosphere and get rid of all negativity around you based on my experience as Feng shui Practitioner.

1- Decluttering : “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” ― Albert Einstein

If you want to feel comfortable  at your home or office or any other location where you spend lot of time, then you must first start by decluttering. this is a very important step because  keeping the house well organized will permit attracting strong Feng shui  energies ( chi) into your space and by getting rid of unused items you will keep spaces for new ones coming into your life, it is like you are sending a message to the universe that you are ready to receive new staffs.  More helps and tips about decluttering can be found here 



2-Keep Good Lighting and Fresh air during the day time:

as per the Feng Shui philosophy  the Yang is the summer,  sunlight which represent positive energy and the Yin is the winter and night which represent Negative energy,  it is highly recommended to get sufficient light and air during the day and reduced light during the evening. also it is advisable to close windows and doors  before the sun set.

3-Frankincense and Essential Oils:

another way to spread positive energy into your place is by using frankincense and essential oils, both items got a calming effect and used in the management of depression and anxiety.  It is also a good healing method for nervous system and “it effects in treating nervous tension and nervous exhaustion have been well documented. It relaxes the mind, uplifts the spirit and helps one disconnect from unpleasant thoughts and mental chatter”.

Read more

my best essential oils is always the lavender and I can get it with affordable price and good quality form Iherb. my pick up  is from company called Now which has a wide range of Organic Oils.  more on the site Essential Oils

organic oiloil





Another efficient and  Organic Frankincense which   researches proved the high benefits of using it, is the Luban. Since I’m based in Oman for many years, I know that  this beautiful country got the  finest frankincense. it comes from the region of Dhofar. “This frankincense resins is referred to Royal Hojari, or Green Hojari. Royal Hojari comes from the finest resins collected from the Boswellia Sacra tree in Oman.”

check this video for more information about the Luban Frankincense of Oman.

Boswellia Sacra Royal Hojari Green Frankincense Taste Test & Scent Profile

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