Heal yourself with LOVE

Love is pure and strong emotion and it is also directed without control not only toward your self but also toward others. 

How can  Love Benefits Your Health:

  • Love boost your self-esteem and confidence which leads to better self esteem and self love and more success.
  • Love release  stress and fear because when you feel loved, you will automatically feel good and strong.
  • Improve your way of living from all aspects starting by eating habits, practicing physical activities and sleeping habit, life is always better when it is shared with someone you love

How to get more love into your life

  • Be generous and give more attention and love to others.
  • whenever you feel down just practice feeling love
  • -express love by hugging, holding hands, kissing, simple gesture and messages…
  • if you have a conflict with someone just imagine that he / she in front of you and express a deep and sincere love  toward them, you will be amazed with the result.
  • send love to the world and to the earth and it will come back to you with more love
  • Love yourself and treat with love and passion, feel like if  I AM THE  LOVE.
  • ask support from your Angels and result will be perfect, one of my rituals which I have learned during a healing with Angels course is how to ask Archangel Raphael to fix and heal my relationships and this works always perfect for me or my friends or relatives.

( below picture from my Oracle Cards )