Celebrate Women’s

Today March 8 is the International Women’s day, a day to celebrate women’s around the world.

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it is an occasion to salute the daily Women’s efforts to deal with struggles and obstacles in life mainly in the war zones, and third-world communities.

below are “shameful” facts about women’s globally according the United Nations

  • Women make up more than two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate people.
  • According to global statistics, just 39 percent of rural girls attend secondary school. This is far fewer than rural boys (45 percent), urban girls (59 percent) and urban boys (60 percent).
  • In most countries, women in rural areas who work for wages are more likely than men to hold seasonal, part-time and low-wage jobs. Women also receive lower wages for the same work. (Source: FAO, 2011. “The State of Food and Agriculture: Women in Agriculture, Closing the Gender Gap for Development.)
  • A large gender gap remains in women’s access to decision-making and leadership.banner-stat-economy-244-en
  • Women make up fewer elected representatives in most rural councils. In Asia, this ranges between 1.6 percent in Sri Lanka and 31 percent in Pakistan.
  • Between 1990 and 2008, the proportion of rural women receiving prenatal care at least once during pregnancy grew from 55 to 66 percent.
  • More rural women experience domestic violence, and yet few seek services, according to a multi-country study by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Peru, less than 5 percent of the total amount of rural domestic violence survivors (60 percent) sought help, compared to approximately 16 percent of urban women (out of 49 percent).
  • Rural women understand less about how HIV spreads compared to urban women; WHO figures from 25 countries indicate the margins of understanding between the two to be between 20 and 50 percent. Bolivia, Egypt, Indonesia and India are among the countries with the wider of such gaps.
  • There is still far less access to clean or improved water sources in rural areas than in urban areas. In 2008, an estimated 743 million people living in rural areas relied on unimproved sources for drinking water, compared to 141 million in urban areas.

The situation and suffers is more worst for women’s from war zone or refugees like Syria, Iraq and Yemen where women’s from all ages suffers all kind of sexual harassment, domestic violence, child brides, prostitution ( similar to what happens with Syrian women’s in Lebanon  ) and much more.



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