How to Earn Money from your Blog: Vigilink ?

Do you want to  earn money from your written content without placing  Banner ads?

How you will feel  if your blog can automate incomes for you ?becomes automatic money making machine?

you can make $$$MONEY$$$ by just implementing viglink on your blog and the complete money making process is automated.


It is a super affiliate network which converts your normal blog text into affiliate links and universe you do on money automatically. there are tens of thousands Affiliate programs already integrated in Viglink.

VigLink Convert takes all the guesswork out of navigating the ever-changing affiliate landscape. The system automatically adds the best performing merchant links to brand mentions within your posts. With a database of more than 65,000 merchants, you don’t have to sign up for affiliate programs individually and you can rest assured knowing your links are optimized for performance.

VigLink Insert scans your entire website for product terms and merchant mentions, then adds affiliate links to anything you may have overlooked. VigLink spots the product or brand, finds an appropriate link, and automatically updates the piece for you – like your own virtual assistant.

VigLink Anywhere is an easy solution when you can’t install JavaScript code. VigLink Anywhere creates portable links already wrapped in VigLink redirects right from your dashboard. You can monetize these links anywhere – even on your social media profiles!

Viglink identifies commercial products mentioned within publisher’s content.It automatically Invigorates those terms by transforming it into revenue generating hyperlink Which are determined in real time advertiser a bid auctions Learn More

You earn a commission from purchases and clicks on links that originate from your site to merchants in our network. Click here to see what merchants are in our network. VigLink takes a fee from that commission and then passes on the rest to you.

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