Start your day right: Meditate in the morning

It hard to find someone who didn’t heard about meditation nowadays. it is a common practice by a lot of people around the world and mainly successful people who always recommend meditation to their audience.

what is meditation ?

according  to  OSHO Meditation is a simple process Of watching your own mind.

Not fighting with the mind, Not trying to control it either. Just remaining there, a choiceless witness. Whatsoever passes you simply take note of it.

With no prejudice for or against so this means that Meditation is a way of transforming the mind. 

if you train yourself to meditate and practice some Technics you understand more and more and learn the habits of your mind it is like cultivating new positive habits  and way of living and dealing with your day to day routine.

when is the best time meditate ?

actually there is no fixed rule for when is the best timing to meditate because this is depend on the person schedule and capability.  but after couple of years of meditating in different timing during the day, I can recommend meditating  the first thing in the morning when my mind still at rest.

So I drink a cup of warm water with one spoon of honey, burn  a stick of frankincense and start my daily meditation while listening to a very relaxing music ( it can be found on YouTube ).

What Morning Meditation can bring to your day ?

meditating in the morning is a good way to start your day.


by focusing on your breaths while meditating and relaxing, this will create a positive state of mind and help you visualize how you see your day ahead.

-Forget yesterday problems and trouble, start new day with fresh and clean outlook.

-If you have a goal, it is a good and productive way to sharp your mind and remember what you are looking for in your life.

-If you have  an important event for that day, morning meditation will help you absorb your stress and reduce your fears or anger.





-Stay focused  all the day by meditating in the morning because by doing this every day, you are setting new habit to your brain which you will see the result on the rest of your day and life, you will not be distracted through out your day, negative energies will stay away of you.

-if you are new to the world of meditation you can start your journey with guided meditation which is a video or audio and you can get it for free from the net. this will be very helpful for you as a beginner. you can try YouTube, my best start was with almost a 16 minutes video published by Debra Berndt called Open to receive love and abundance meditation open to receive love and abundance meditation



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