Take action NOW and change your life like Mike did


The “secret” to wealth that I discovered is a system that takes online leads and turns them into money.

There are 2 simple steps:

  • 1

    You send leads to the company.

    (I’ll be teaching you how.)

  • 2

    The company gives you money when they sell to those leads.

internet-funnel-system-lgo-112515I call it the Internet Funnel System (or IFS for short) and it helped me fight for my life and win my financial freedom … and it can do the same for you, regardless of your circumstances!


When you join IFSyou get paid commissions of $1,250 … $3,300 … and $5,500 without having to lift a finger.

Here’s the best part …

All the revenue from the products this system sells are split 3 ways.  The company gets a cut. The salespeople who actually close the deals FOR YOU get a cut. And you get paid a commission—30-50% depending on what the customer buys.

Now, why would you get MORE money than the company keeps for itself?

That’s because the owner, who I know personally, wants you to have the biggest piece to make it a complete “no brainer” for you. The more attractive this is, the more lead finders he has bringing in leads. That results in a higher volume of sales, and they make more money in the long run. And so far, the revenue has been astounding …


          APPLY NOW FOR 49$ ONLY


I want to share a couple examples of extraordinary results.


But the best part is, you don’t need to be an expert or have any online experience to make money with IFS.  Remember, while laying in bed I was able to exceed $700,000 dollars in income from home, with a damaged brain!

… and that proves it’s never too late to get started! And the list goes on and on…


*This is a digital training program you’ll access online.




  • The Internet’s only ‘Done For You’ system that will deposit $1,250, $3,300, and $5,500commissions into your bank account,

  • A simple 21-step training program that will lead you towards making your first commission (with short, easy-to-watch videos & tutorials),

  • Done-For-You product fulfillment, payment processing, and customer service,

  • Your own personal 1-on-1 coach (yes … you get a personal coach to answer your questions, and walk you through everything, step-by-step),

  • A highly trained sales staff that will make phone sales FOR YOU (they follow up on your leads and close the deal),

  • Access to a 30-Day “Traffic Made Easy” Planthat will show you cutting edge strategies for generating traffic online today including YouTube, Facebook, Google, Bing and more.



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